YILDIZ POLIETILEN IMALAT ITH. IHR. SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Pipe, Plastic pipe, Hdpe pipe, Polyethylene pipe, Fitting, Pipe fitting, Plastic fitting, Hdpe fitting
MTM PLASTIK GERI DONUSUM TOPLAMA VE AYIRMA SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Industrial Plastic, Plastic Raw Material, Plastic Recycling, Plastic Toy Raw Material, Plastic Rope Raw Material, Plastic Bag Raw Material, Polyethylene, Polypropylene
GARANTI PLASTIK AMBALAJ LTD. STI. pe, pp, plastic, plastic raw material, polyethylene, polypropylene, polymer, thermoplastic polymer
KAYA METAL PLASTIK Metal, Bronze, Stainless, Brass, Drawn Steel Pipe, Aluminum, Copper, Polyamide
MAKRO TEKNIK ENDUSTRI URUNLERI VE MAKINE IMALAT A.S. Flange Profile, Air Duct Flange, Ventilation, Holder Profile, Clamp, Hanging Component, Corner Element, Stainless Flange

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Makroteknik is a company founded, in the year 1998, built upon a 18 year long tradition in application, which produces HVAC components. Our company is equipped with a customer centered corporate understanding and has its principles arranged according to this. Our company has begun producing channel flange and equipments, which are air duct connection elements, in the end of 1998. In adding carrying profiles, clips and different assembly supplies after this to the product range, the broadening activities of the product range have become continous.
Our company “KAYA METAL & PLASTIK”, which was established in Eskisehir in 2016, sells wholesale forms of non-ferrous metals, especially aluminum, galvanized, lead, copper, zinc, stainless steel, brass, tin and plastic products such as polyethylene, polyamide, fiber, teflon, PVC, polypropylene in sheet, pipe and bar shapes to the domestic and international markets. Besides that our company can sell and ship desired types and sizes of metal and plastic products in line with customers’ demands
Established in Ankara to manufacture High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe fittings in 2008. YILDIZ POLIETILEN has grown from a local supplying company to a well known international brand. The company manufactures butt fusion fittings, electrofusion fittings, steel flanges and transition fittings at various nominal diameters starting from 20mm up to 1600mm with multiple Nominal Pressure/Standard Dimension Ratios (Commonly SDR11/PN16 and SDR17/PN10) YILDIZ POLIETILEN, a brand that follows technology developments and renews itself continuously, has been leading the market by using the latest technologies and a team of experts in the area and continue to provide a significant amount of products in the construction sector and waterworks. Our brand products are used for huge projects in more than 50 countries in Africa, Eurasia, Europe, and the Middle East. All the company’s products go through a strict quality control system. A laboratory that covers the entire range of necessary tests has been set up to conduct the tests of the raw materials and fittings. The company has been awarded International certificates such as ISO, OHSAS, GOST and WRAS. The vision and strategy of YILDIZ POLIETILEN is to give priority to the demand of the market and our customers. By persistently conducting in-depth analysis of the needs and challenges of the sector, we envisioned to have a structure that can confidently address any question of our customers.
Despite its young age (establishment in 2005), Garanti Plastik is on the way to become a “preferred” brand in the national and international arena with its experienced managers and employees who do not compromise on team work, has succeeded to be the supplier of many organizations leading different sectors. With its rapid financial growth and the strength of its commercial connections, Garanti Plastik has decided to take its place in the global market and established the "Garantiplast Ambalaj Geri Kazanim Ltd. Sti collection and separation plant" in 2013 that located in Hadimkoy. It has decided to continue its facility in the area of Koseler Village in Dilovasi, on an area of 10,000 m2. In order to protect the dynamics in the domestic market and to be close to its customers, in 2016 Garanti Plastik started to operate in IPKAS industrial site, Istanbul Ikitelli location as sales office as well as a warehouse of 2000 m2. Having decided to merge its growing structure in the 6th month of 2019, it has started to carry out its activities under the roof of 15,000 m2 closed and a total of 50,000 m2 area, in Izmit Kartepe region, under the name of Garantiplast Ambalaj Geri Kazanim Ltd. Sti.
MTM Plastic Recycling is operating in plastic industry for almost 20 years. The company started its operations in 2005 with its new name and produces approximately 1000 tonnes through granule production. It in creased its production. It in creased its production and quality through new machinery and equipment investments alongside with its 9000m2 indoor facility in Gaziantep 5nd Organized Industrial Zone. State of art and European technologies are used in production. The Courses are consistently renewed. Material is received seperately and first class recycled granule raw material is produced. Certain amount of the products is exported and the rest is sold in Turkey. Plastic kitchenware manufacturers, plastic rope, canvas, bag, pipe and pot manufacturers and automotive sub industry are included in the customer portfolio.